Wednesday, July 5

The Quinn Thing

It only took 5 days to read Julia Quinn's On the Way to the Wedding. Now, the problem really wasn't the book, but rather a time crunch over the holiday weekend.

Once again Quinn is witty and funny. Her dialogue is quick and entertaining. Which is the main reason I read her books. Overall I liked this book, Gregory and Lucy are likable characters, but at times they seem young, He's 26 and I didn't pay much attention to her age, maybe I missed it, but she was just finished with school and hadn't had her "debut" yet.

Through half the book, he believes he's in love with her best friend. She gives him advice about how to catch the friend and things grow from there. She realizes she's in love a little sooner, but has a long standing engagement planned by her guardian/uncle that she is forced to keep.

The wedding scene is very emotional, and I must have been hormonal as I cried, cried so hard I had to take my glasses off.

It's not the best in the series, at times the story moves too slowly, but the dialogue seems to keep it from completely bogging down. The main characters and almost all the secondary characters are very amiable, maybe too much so as there is very little conflict, with the exception of the situation forcing her to marry someone else.

Let's face it those Bridgertons are a nice bunch.

But, boy am I glad this series is finished, eight books in one series is way too much for me, but then I rarely make it past a trilogy.


Lori said...

You didn't find the outcome of the wedding a disappointment? It ruined the book for me. Because for the most part, I enjoyed it otherwise. But I couldn't take it that she actually married another man, whatever her reasons.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Lori--I think the wedding part was very "tragic", that's probably why I cried so hard. I hated that she would marry someone else. But, it seemed to fit her character, she consistantly put her loved ones first, so it made sense that she would actually go through with it.