Tuesday, July 25

Putting my head in the sand

I've decided to put my head in the sand, and my nose in a book, at this point any book.

I've frightened myself with the amount of time I've spent visiting one romance blogland train wreck after another.

Is this how the real world works? I've spent so much time reading over the last 25 years that maybe I've escaped into a world of my own.

I don't want to know about gay romance bashing, or authors stalking reviewers under the guise of "offering professional advice." No more being told I'm an idiot because I didn't follow the plot of an authors book. I'm done with ugly cover debates and hearing that erotic romance is ruining the genre. I don't care that it's evil and wrong to buy and sell ARCs on ebay. I'm not going to nit pick a book to the point I'm analyzing sentence structure or debate the 1st vs 3rd POV. I don't want to know how much an epublisher makes and I don't care if authors spout off statistics cluelessly. And, I don't want to know that authors think readers are stupid. I'm done with rabid fangirls who really don't have a clue and I'm starting to hate seeing snarky for snarky sake.

I want to read and blog with friends and go back to my own little world... at least until the next train wreck hits.


ames said...

LOL Good stuff Tara! That's why I usually stay out of everything and just watch from the sidelines (or read a book).

Bev (BB) said...

Yeah, it really does take a lot of energy just to keep up with the ones being irate, doesn't it? :D

Jane said...

It's gotten to the point that it is just humorous.

sybil said...

So, what cha reading?

Tara Marie said...

Ames, watching from the sidelines still requires time and I find myself being sucked in.

Bev, keep up with the ones being irate--LOL. I love all the righteous anger *eyes rolling*.

Jane, that's just it normally I find the whole thing entertaining, but it's cutting into my reading time. :D

Sybil, I was getting ready to post The Bookseller's Daughter to my "Currently Reading" section.

nath said...

I'm the lucky one... Arrived to blogland after the debates were started and I really don't have enough energy or time to play catch up. But even if I had time or energy, I would keep away... because these debates: a)lessen the fun in reading and b) burst my bubbles... I don't consider authors as goddesses, but as statues/ strangers... I like their work, but I don't want to know about their real-life flaws.

Melanie Lynne Hauserw said...

While I don't really know what you're talking about, I can certainly guess, because that kind of thing is rampant with all kinds of book/author blogs, not just romance writers. Sometimes we don't need to know how the sausage is made, you know? (And no, that's not a dirty euphemism.) But I think too many authors are tempted to be too honest, when we readers just want to be able to enjoy the stories and books in general. TMI, in other words.

Bookwormom said...

Hi Tara- I agree with you, mostly. I do find the righteous indignation amusing & I will follow the argument around- to a point. Then again, I'm in a serious reading slump right now & surfing isn't cutting into readinig time. *big sigh* Sometimes it's enough to make a body wish for the good old days. ;(

Tara Marie said...

Nath, 'bursting bubbles', the whole thing can be rather disappointing.

Melanie, too much information--exactly.

Amanda, I agree the righteousness is entertaining. Hopefully your slump will be over soon, I'm reading, but I'm being really picky.

Anonymous said...

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ReneeW said...

OK, did I miss something while I was on vacation ? Probably a good thing. Rubber necking takes time away from reading (although I enjoy both!) You go, girl.

CindyS said...

Renee - this rubbernecking is just too boring and you know how I love to rubber neck but I think Tara Marie nailed it.

When you don't know which way to look next, you know there is just too much going on!


Valeen said...

Woohoo! Me too! I've decided to stay completely away from all the posts having to do with anything you've just mentioned.

Tara Marie said...

Anon, very creative :D

Renee, I've concluded that all that rubbernecking can cause a whiplash, I'm going to do my best to avoid future wrecks.

Cindy, it's too much in a short period and it turns into a feeding frenzy over something mundane.

Valeen, it's safer to avoid and give me more reading time.

Kristie (J) said...

Tara: I'm with you too. It's just way too much drama for me. I want to talk good books, not so books:)authors, and stuff like that. I could care less about the 'politics' of romance. I don't care to get into it in real life and I don't care to get into it in romance land

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, exactly, though for some reason I find myself watching and wondering "Don't these people have more important things to get so upset about."