Thursday, July 27

The Bookseller's Daughter by Pam Rosenthal

So tell me, am I the last romance reader to read Pam Rosenthal's The Bookseller's Daughter??

On my last trip to the UBS I picked up this book, somewhere in the house is Ms. Rosenthal's first book, Almost a Gentleman, a book I started, put down and haven't found since. I think it may be in the black hole under my bed. It's now imperative that I find it.

I love Ms. Rosenthal's style and voice. TBD was somewhat slow to start, but the writer's lyrical voice kept me completely interested, even through some pretty sad choices that the heroine makes. Set in an interesting time and place, Pre-French Revolution Provence and Paris. The hero is an impoverished 2nd son of a Duc, the heroine is obviously The Bookseller's Daughter. The villains and villainess are over the top. The love letters written between the h/h are erotic, but also sensual.

Like Hope Tarr's Vanquished there is a subtle underlying sensuality to this erotic romance that I find completely lacking in most ER novels. I think this comes from the author's writing style and voice.

I definitely need to find Almost a Gentleman because it's next in the reading queue.

File this one under Good Book


ames said...

I haven't read anything by Pam Rosenthal. I have Almost a Gentleman requested at the library, but it appears they lost it. :(
Now I really want to read her!

sybil said...

I have Almost a Gentleman, I am looking forward to her next one The Slightest Provocation.

There is an antho I wanted too House on Regent Street? maybe... that sounds wrong.

Jay said...

I read Almost a Gentleman and while I wasn't blown away by it, I did enjoy it. I bought The Bookseller's daughter and when my cousin came to visit I took it off the shelf to show her. She packed it in her bag and took it back to Utica! I was just showing it! I wasn't giving it to her! I have to remember to beg for my book back....

I think she has a story in the Not Just for Tonight anth too.

Marg said...

I haven't read any Pam Rosenthal either!

ReneeW said...

I read Almost a Gentleman and loved it! Also her novella 'A House East of Regent' in the antho Strangers in the Night was fabulous. Her writing is very lush and burning HOT. I thought about getting TBD (AAR only gave it a C-) and I'm so glad you reviewed and liked it. Must find it. The excerpt for The Slightest Provocation was very good. Comes out in September. Putting it on my wish list.

Devonna said...

I haven't read anything by Pam Rosenthal. The Bookseller's Daughter sounds good ~I'll have to request it from the library.