Thursday, July 13

Men and Church

Romance by the Blog, asked a question about romantic fantasies and if you notice men "in church, on the train or at PTA" since I'm a day late and there are 64 comments on the post, I decided to post a few thoughts here. And to be completely honest, with the exception of reading romances, I really don't want to know about other peoples' romantic fantasies, it's way too much information about real people

But it's funny that she would ask a question about men in church as I've been thinking about this since Sunday.

I don't really construct romantic fantasies about men other than my husband, this probably explains why I'll never be a romance writer--no imagination. But, I do notice attractive men in the strangest places.

Church. I have no idea why I notice attractive middle aged men in church, but I do. For some reason, I find men who bring kids to church on their own attractive, I'd even consider some sexy, which I thought was a creepy thing to do in church, but apparently not. Our church has a priest from Nigeria, his accent is getting better, but he has incredibly long homilies and I find my attention wondering.

The Neighborhood. One of my neighbors is a very attractive man, he's about 50, 3 kids. Miserable personality, loud and needs to be the center of attention. But, he's really good looking and plays ball with his son everyday.

The Supermarket. Love to see men shopping with or without kids, and what their buying.

You can tell I'm into being a mom, until I had Junior I never noticed men with children and how they interact with them, unless the kids were being miserable. I must be getting old, or middle aged, I wonder which is worse?

When did middle aged men get sexy? And, I'm not talking about celebrities, just everyday people we see and meet?

And, has everyone read today's RTB post. I left perky breast in the dust long before I had Junior. They're now heading way south. At this point, perky will only be perfected by a really good plastic surgeon.

Have a good one and happy reading.


jenster said...

I know what you mean about finding middle aged men attractive. I remember watching the second Aladdin movie and thinking his dad was hot! That was when I realized I was notice "older" men more and more.

Though, considering my husband is about to turn 42, thus middle-aged himself, I suppose it's a good thing.


Suisan said...

perky? um, not.

just sayin