Sunday, July 23

Love that light bulb

Don't you love when you come to a realization that makes you feel like a light bulb has just gone on over your head?

My romantic suspense and paranormal light bulb went on this morning, while typing in my July TBR Challenge post. Let there be light, the romance in these books can take a backseat to the overall story telling. Yes, this die hard romance reader prefers these books to be lighter on the romance.

As a kid I read westerns and as I got older they always felt like they were lacking something--the cowboy needed a girl. For a time I read horror and mysteries and felt they too were missing something. So, I started reading romance and only romance, but have never "loved" RS or paranormal books and couldn't really put my finger on it. But when I start thinking about the type of paranormals I do like, I realized they're not typical romances... Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series, Susan Squire's historical vampire series, the Jennifer Armintrout I read the other day. They have romantic elements and some have HEA endings, even if it's somewhat vague. And, the romantic suspense I really prefer aren't typical romances either, in order to make them scary enough, the romance has to take a backseat, but it still needs some romance.

So my great thought of the day... Give me chills and thrills and a little romance and I'm one happy reader.

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