Sunday, July 30

Too Hot

We don't have air conditioning in our home office, it's become to hot to blog during the day. I need to get up early when the heat hasn't set in yet. It's so hot we're putting in 2 of our air conditioners. We haven't needed them in 3 years.

We'll spend the day floating in the pool, which hopefully wont heat up too much during this new heat wave. A couple of weeks ago the water reached 89 degrees, not real refreshing.

So, I'll be reading for the rest of the weekend. Picked up books on Friday. Most of my August book order is in at the bookstore, but I only took 2 books, Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas, as if I had to say who wrote it--LOL, and Just One of those Flings by Candace Hern. Saving the rest of the books for vacation, but if I pick them up too early I'll be tempted to read everything before going away. Not that I don't have a TBR pile large enough for 20 vacations.

I'm about 120 pages into Scandal in Spring, but I'm not going to say anything about it until I'm done.

Have a great day, stay cool and of course, happy reading.


Anonymous said...

hi it me from canada new brunswick huh huh. if u go to yahoo home page , you will see headline about rwa convention and articles about romance! i havent seen a mention about nowhere yet.
yes the hot weather is awful this year. even my sub basment with it 6 feet 5 inches ceiling is too warm this year it is horrid , beastly , the sun follows me everywhere , bring on winter and hot choc please. ,,,,, oh mmmm 22 weeks till christmas mm 3 half months left mmmmmmm oh well.mamx
i might get into scandal in spring series if iever see the first part . have a good hot scorching day.

Kate D. said...

Ah! What a tease. Mentioning the new Candice Hern and not commenting on it... I'll be checking your site constantly for your review!

Jane said...

I'll be interested in the Hern book. I can't say that I was in love with the previous widow book and this one looks a little - precious - to me. If you haven't picked up the Goodman book, you may want to. It's delicious.

Tara Marie said...

mamxx--our heat is supposed to break by Thursday night. Hopefully the forecasters are right.

Kate D.--I finished the Kleypas yesterday and will start the Hern while I'm having my hair colored today. I'll blog about it sometime this week.

Jane--I didn't love the first in this series either, but I like the May/December theme of this one, though I have to agree going by just the title this one does sound "precious". I'm incredibly hit or miss with Goodman, I'll read your review first then decide.

Devonna said...

Our heat finally broke today ~ it's been the first time in a few weeks since we've been under 100 degrees...and it looks like the weather will be in the 70s-80s all week. Never thought I'd be happy with that. I'm one of those that thinks 45-50 is perfect.

Hope your heat breaks soon, Tara Marie.