Friday, July 28

Other things... **Edited to include pictures**

I have nothing profound to say about romance reading today, so I'm sharing kid stories instead.

1. Junior watched the British Open with my husband this past weekend. And wanted to know why Tiger Woods was crying when he won. My hubby explained that his father recently passed away and went to live with God and Tiger misses him and wished his dad was there. Junior's response "Daddy, God has a big screen TV, I'm sure he got to see it."

2. Our school has been sponsoring Kinderkamp all week, and Junior is having a wonderful time, playing Musical Chairs, Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato. He didn't really like Musical Chairs because he didn't win. Duck Duck Goose is fun because the boys team always wins, they must play it different because we never played in teams? Hot Potato is great because they're playing with a "big boy" basketball. We're working on sportsmanship these days.

3. Yesterday he learned about Jonah and the Whale. And I tried using it as an explanation as to why he gets punished for not listening. "Yeah but Mommy, you just give me a time out, God made a whale swallow Jonah. Next time I don't listen are you going to make a whale swallow me?"

4. He has discovered clothing. Each day he insists on having a different outfit so he's not wearing the same thing to camp each day. As if he doesn't already wear different clothing each day. He's going to be really disillusioned when he starts school and wears uniforms everyday.

Today they're going to be putting on a show, I'll post some pictures because I know how much everyone loves a cute kid ;D

***Edited*** to include pictures:

Isn't he angelic?

Somehow he managed to find the only ray of sunlight coming through the gym's skylights.

Taking a bow.


Wendy said...

OMG - only a child would say something like #1. It's funny and sweet :-)

Sam said...

Oh, I love kids' sayings!
I liked wearing a uniform in school - made life SO much easier. I wish they had uniforms in all schools - maybe girls (especially) would just relax and learn instead of try to outdress each other and impress boys.

ames said...

I'll be waiting for those pictures because the little man is so cute. And smart!

Tara Marie said...

Wendy, I almost cried when he said it, its so sweet, innocent and trusting. It's so easy to believe in God as a child.

Sam, I wish we wore uniforms it would have made life easier. Outdress--exactly.

Ames, I've got blogger loading the pictures as I type this.

Devonna said...

Thanks for sharing. Kids really do say the greatest things and are a reminder of what life really is all about.

I remember once doing homework with my niece (yes, on top of everything else I am a frustrated off-and-on college student). We were sitting at the kitchen table and I was reading Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream". As I was finishing, I was crying and my niece asked me what was wrong. I said, "Oh nothing, honey. It's just my homework." And she replied, "I know. You have a lot of it!"


Tara Marie said...

Devonna, welcome back from vacation. Hehehe, great story, aren't kids great?

ames said...

He's the cutest!! So angelic. LOL

CindyS said...

You soooo have to frame that second picture!! Is he singing or was he just moving around and found that ray of light. He is just too precious - yeah, I might not like kids in my romance books but I love 'em in real life ;)

Even so, the answer to question number three is YES ;) Just another reason why God decided I shouldn't have kids ;)


Tara Marie said...

Ames, yeah, he's angelic, the little devil.

Cindy, no singing yet, he's just hamming it up for the camera.

Bookwormom said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwwwww- What a doll baby!

Kristie (J) said...

I love all the pictures but that second one is priceless. Methinks you have a real actor on your hands. And I love his sayings. They are so cute and honest and innocent aren't they.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, not that I'm prejudice or anything, but I agree--LOL.

Kristie, he does seem to have a flair for the dramatic. We call him "Barrymore". I love childrens honesty, I should have included a couple of other funny tales from the last few weeks.