Sunday, July 23

July TBR Challenge--Romantic Suspense

This month's TBR Challenge: Romantic Suspense

Title: I See You

Author: Holly Lisle

Year published: 2006

Why did you get this book? I enjoy Holly Lisle's RS novels

Do you like the cover? Yes

Did you enjoy the book? Absolutely

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? No

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Keeping it

Anything else? After spending the last few weeks bemoaning the fact I don't like romantic suspense, I read one that I loved. I ordered this through my local indie bookseller, so I have no idea where it's shelved in a bookstore, by looking at it you have no idea it's a romance. It's published by Onyx and the spine reads "novel" not "romance" or "romance novel". It is a romance, but first it's a good suspense novel. And, when I closed the book, I realized that's how I like them, strong suspense with some romance. It's probably why I like Linda Howard's newer books, still occasionally read Tami Hoag and am a closeted Sandra Brown reader. I like the books that appeal to a wider suspense audience.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a romance, I don't think it's an equal balance of romance to suspense. But, I guess for me to find it chilling and thrilling enough, the romance is slightly secondary.

Very good book.


Rosario said...

I saw the review of this one at AAR, and it sounded pretty good. Now that I see you liked it, too, I'll add it to my wish list. I do like strong suspense with some romance, too.

Tara Marie said...

Ah, I'm not alone, it's good to know. I didn't check out any reviews, so I'll check out the AAR one now.

Jane said...

Karen Rose is another author I just started reading who does a good job combining romance and suspense. I can't buy Ms. Lisle's books, unfortunately, because of statements she made over at RTB.

Tara Marie said...

Jane, I'm almost afraid to ask... What has she said that was so offensive? Maybe I don't want to know--LOL.

Amie Stuart said...

I agree! I think it's one of the reasons I love Kay Hooper's paranormal RS's

Jane said...

Well, TM, it might not bother you, but I thought her comments on a thread by LLB were a bit out of line, including her cursing out a reader. But this was the comment that bothered me the most:

"But on the plus side, if you decided to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, you have kids who don’t spend their day with a bunch of poorly-supervised, poorly-socialized children in daycare, either, or who come home to an empty house and microwave snacks. Kids who know someone will be there to pick them up from school when they’re hurt or sick. Kids who have someone to keep them safe."

I just thought was a terrible statement about parents who have kids in daycare (my kid is not but I have many friends whose kids are). It was easy for me to say "Oh, I don't think I'll read her" because I hadn't ever heard of her before and because she doesn't write in a genre that thrills me to death.

Of course, if it was someone I loved like . . . Loretta Chase, I think I would have a harder time dismissing her books. I read your comment over at Karen S' blog. I think that the more we know about authors, the more likely our reading pleasure will be diminished.

I hardly ever visit author blogs anymore. I am too afraid to read their posts/comments.