Tuesday, July 11

Good Lord, I've got 9 more years of this???

Okay, I survived my first day of bingo.

Five hours of chaos. I'm shocked by how extreme these "bingo people" are. They've got special bags that hold there dot bottles, special seat cushions for their butts, and strange good luck charms. And, they're all old, really old, God bless them.

The first thing the "Team Captain" said was watch all the cash boxes, people like to steal. Excuse me, it's a church run bingo, people steal from the church? Have they heard of the wrath of God and bad karma?

I learned about T's, L's Postage Stamps, Butterflies, top line/bottom lines--who knew there were so many ways to play bingo?

Actually, everyone was very nice, but the old people start to grumble when they don't win, and their patience is rather short. I guess when you reach that age that's okay.


Suisan said...

I soooo chuckled at the idea of theives at the church bingo parlor.

We were trying to sponsor a round robin bingo night a few years ago to allow different school groups ot raise money on their own--sucker in the elderly who have to leave town to play--but, oh my god, the logistic involved in running bingo. Demonstrating non-profit, getting the licence, getting the Veteran's Hall to rent you the space, oy yoy yoy.

Bless you for helping with bingo. You are helping a lot of generally cranky people feel a little better. Even if they sometimes steal. A little.

Bookwormom said...

WOW! Bingo baptism by fire. Who knew the geezers- sorry, the elderly, would steal from a church. Some of them are bound to meet the Lord sooner rather than later.

CindyS said...

Bingo is one of those games that scares the hell out of me. With all the other crap that comes with getting old, do I really have to suffer through Bingo?

Man, I hope not.

Add to that, I have lost my ability to be surprised because learning people steal from church was not all that shocking.

But then I think about the opposite and how someone might think to themselves 'I've been giving to this church for 40 years and I need to buy some bread today'. Hey, I've hung out with a few of the elderly ;)


Tara Marie said...

Ladies, There were a few non-elderly, all rather scuzzy looking, they were the ones that had me holding on the my cash box rather tightly, I'd prefer not to think the old people were stealing. The guy with the stained and ripped t-shirt and gold teeth and overall dishevelled look made me particularly nervous--LOL. I wonder if that's considered profiling?--LOL.

Cindy, if they can afford to buy the bingo sheets, believe me, they can afford bread. These old folks easily dropped anywhere from $20-$50 to play, without even blinking an eye. Honestly, I don't know why they play, the chance of winning isn't really that good.

sybil said...

hee I have played bingo!

It was like .10 a card or something like that mom and I went with my grandmother. And I went once with a girl friend but that was years ago.

It amused me but you could cut the smoke in the room with a knife. I think the elderly must be the highest group of smokers.

And yeah both times I think I was with the youngest people there ;). What can we say I amuses easy.

Tara Marie said...

Hey Sybil, no 10 cent games here. The least they could spend was $4 and nobody spent the minimum. most spent atleast $20, and some of them were rather cut throat. I think my dad would love it--LOL.

No smoking in public space in NYS, so that isn't a problem, but my sister said when she did bingo when my niece was little you could cut the smoke haze with a knife. It's amazing these old folks get to be old folks.