Thursday, July 6

Romantic Suspense Stats

When I posted my 6 month reading stats I was very surprised to see I'd only read 14.

And, then I shocked to see of that 14, 5 were Linda Howard rereads, so that only left 9 romantic suspenses in 6 months.

And, then I was even more shocked to realize that of that 9, 3 were contest books, so that only left 6 romantic suspenses in 6 months. The 3 contest books were pretty good, but I wouldn't have read them on my own.

And, 1 of the 6 was Linda Howard's new one, being a fangirl I'm compelled to read anything and everything she writes.

Hey, I can do simple math--LOL.

So, I only read 5 non-Linda Howard RS by choice. I've always considered myself a RS fan, obviously not--LOL.

Okay, what's my problem with RS? This was mulling around in my head last night as I was trying to fall asleep. And, it dawned on me, I'm really picky about it. How many people LOVE the Crazy series? I read the first one last year, it was good, but I've had no interest in reading the rest.

What's the problem--too much suspense and not enough romance or too much romance or not enough suspense? Or is it because you have to suspend belief in order to read them? Hmmm, maybe this will keep me up tonight.

And, did anyone else see HelenKay's post about LH going back to her roots and writing another category romance for Silhouette?


Kristie (J) said...

WEll - I don't think it's any secret I'm loving the Crazy series. I think you're right about why other readers don't cotten to them as much as others in the suspension of belief theory. Because you really have to do it with these ones. If I were an analytical reader, to be honest I think they would drive me nuts and I would be wondering what the heck so many people see in them. There are tons of plot holes in them. So I can see why a lot of people don't enjoy them. But when I read them, they just take me away completely. It's almost like I've left the planet and landed on an alternative one. And it works for me :-)

Devon said...

I'm not a big romantic suspense reader. I think I love the Crazy series because they're so over the top. They're like a big, fun roller coaster ride. Totally absurd, totally larger than life. I never have to wonder if such and such might happen, because I know it wouldn't. I actually liked Crazy Cool, the second one the best.

Anonymous said...

The Crazy series (of which I've only read the first two so far) are like going to the amusement park in's fun, it's fast, and it's HOT! lol

I'm one who likes variety (I read outside the romance genre), but within the romance genre, I read historical, RS, contemporary, the occasional category, westerns, cotton candy fluff, and the more serious issue romances...well, you get the picture. So everything has it's place where I am concerned (with the exception of erotica, I don't go there). Or paranormal, not much interest.

Anyhow, tell me more about the Howard category? When is that supposed to come out?


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Howard's category will be for a paranormal line? Oops, I may be in trouble (see post above). I can take a bit (such as in Dream Man) and certain time travels, but that's about the extent of it for me.

Vampires and shapeshifters and werewolves...oh my!


Kate D. said...

Anonymous, I've never been able to stomach a paranormal. But I recently read Cole's "A Hunger Like No Other" and it actually kept me up all night. Go figure.

On suspense: I don't like reading romances where the romance itself isn't believable. If I close the book and think to myself, "Well, they won't last as a couple" it just isn't very satisfying. This is often the case for me with romantic suspense.

If anyone has some recommendations for good, solid ROMANCES that happen to involve a suspenseful plot, please share!

Tara Marie said...

Kristie: I'm not completely analytical, but probably enough to leave me uninterested in the Crazy books.

Devon: I like your and Tafka's description of these books, maybe I should rethink them

Tafka: I've only started reading paranormal on a regular basis in the last few years, I'm incredibly picky and I've found a few that I like.

Kate D: Obviously from my stat count I'm not the person to ask about RS--LOL. Have you read Holly Lisle--love her RS books, she has a new one out this month.

Lori said...

I loved the Crazy series - it's just good, over the top, outrageous fun. And yes, you just have to accept them all at face value and accept they are entertainment, not reality. Some are better than others, but any series is like that. If a book has to be believable to you, then don't pick them up. If you can suspen reality and just go for the fn factor, go for it!