Wednesday, July 12

The Perfect Child... Right **eyes rolling**

I can't tell you how many people in the last 2 days have told me "He's such a well behaved little boy." Or something similar.

Please note, the lady in the supermarket that he said "Halt, who goes there?" to didn't make this comment, to which she said "he's four right?"

Nor did the very nice couple from down the street who were walking their dog after his lovely "We don't want anyone's dog peeing or pooping on our property." When I told him to apologize for being rude, he got real angry with me and said "No, that wasn't rude, it was honest." I explained to him if we had a dog we wouldn't want anyone to say that to us. This is how the rest of the conversation went:

Him: "Petey doesn't go on other people's property."
Me: "No, Petey's a house cat."
Him: "They should have a house dog then."
Me: "Dogs have to go potty outside."
Him: "Then they should let him go pee and poop on their property."

Well, he had me there.

He's a cross between Dennis the Menace and Calvin. It's the Calvin thing that has me frightened.


Bev (BB) said...

Okay, refresh my memory so I have the right picture in my head . . . who's Calvin? I'm thinking newspaper comic character but I'm not getting the right image to go with it. All that comes to mind is that baby. Marvin? But no Calvin.

This could be a good thing. ;p

ames said...

LMAO!! I loved Calvin. Calvin was so "creative." Hehehe. Priceless.

jenster said...

LOL, Tara!! And just think. He's ONLY 4! Hahahahahaha

If it's any comfort at all (and I'm not sure it will be) I have a now 14-year-old who was like that. The worst part for me has always been laughing when I should be reprimanding. For the most part he's socially acceptable now, but there are times...


Tara Marie said...

Bev, Calvin was that over the top comic character with the tiger (Hobbs).

Ames, LOL, Calvin and Hobbs is still a favorite around our house, my husband has all the "treasuries".

Jen, I started laughing when I told him to apologize, not good, so was the wife, the husband completely dead pan said to me "Is he embarrasing you?" What do you think?

I'm wondering how to teach tact or does that come eventually??

jenster said...

Just from my limited experience, it does come eventually. With a lot of prompting. lol

My daughter, 11, is at a horrible age where she's very funny and has a quick wit, but most of it comes out rude. She's learning what's acceptable and what's not. My son went through that, also, and he's MUCH better than he was.


CindyS said...

Your son is definitely a card! I think you have to be amazed at his ability to follow logic though.

My mother and father were called into my kindergarten class because I was a rude child. I had asked the teacher when her baby was coming. My mom was 8 months pregnant and couldn't believe this woman was a teacher.

Course, when it happened to me when I was with my Godson, I could have fallen through the floor.

Me: Ha, ha, ha *choke* He's getting ready for his baby brother. Ha, ha ...

Zach: *totally oblivious*

As for Calvin - I really do think I would prefer him to Denise the Menace!