Thursday, July 6

This post will contain spoilers from On the Way to the Wedding, so if you're planning on reading it, please move forward at your own risk.

The heroine in OTWTTW is engaged to be married to another man, in fact she actually goes through with the wedding, which I'm discovering is one of the biggest complaints about this book. It didn't shock me as Lucy has a tendency to be something of a doormat, but a very pleasant one. The man she marries turns out to be gay and not interested in marriage in the least, but realizes he needs to marry or the "Earldom" will be passed to a toady cousin. I was relieved that he wasn't the villain (his father and her uncle are the villains) because I often find it offensive when the bad guy is a homosexual, somehow it infers something that it shouldn't. Of course, he offers to have the marriage annulled, and she offers to find him a wife. How nice.

I really liked Lord Haselby and found myself wondering about his story more than Gregory's and Lucy's.

So, that got me thinking, would a bestselling romance writer be willing to write something like Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander a book with a married, bisexual hero?

I'm interested in this book, I've read good and bad reviews and have heard it's self-published. Normally, I would avoid this like the plague, can anyone say Dara Joy. I'll probably hem and haw until I breakdown and buy it.

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