Wednesday, July 12

Monday's Books...

Finally getting around to listing the books I picked up on Monday:

I've already read this one, it's the second in the Buchanan series. I liked this one more than the first, yet I've got one huge problem with both--the grandmother is way too over the top evil, to the point it takes away from the book.

I'm currently reading this one, and am about a third of the way. I love Lydia Joyce's writing style and voice. But, for some reason I don't remember her being so prosy...

The sun was a fat yellow yolk over the ring of the mountaintops when Dumitru finally opened his eyes. He had been teased into half-consciouness nearly an hour before when the first tentacles of steely gray light had begun to trickle through the valleys in pursuit of night, but he had been uncharacteristically loathe to greet the morning, burrowing deeper into the quilts and burying his face in his new wife's soft hair without even a conscious rejection of the daily call to duty.

That's the opening paragraph from chapter 6, isn't the second sentence a doozy?

Holly Lisle is a favorite. I've decided to read this one for Angies TBR Challenge. I know, it's a TBR challenge, but technically it's now on my TBR pile.

I've heard good things about Robin T. Popp's writing, I can only hope it lives up to expectations as I bought the second before even reading the first. Supposedly these have an interesting paranormal twist--an El Chupacabra story. I'm still not quite sure about the concept. I've always considered the El Chupacabra myth to be rather creepy and gross, unlike vampires which have blatant sexual overtone. We'll see.

The second in Popp's Night Slayer books.

My next book order should be in today or tomorrow. I'll post that list after I pick up the books.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Rosario said...

Hmm, actually, all of those sound good to me, especially the Joyce book! I can't wait to read that one!

Tara Marie said...

Rosario, the Joyce book is really good. The Eastern Europe setting is such a refreshing change.

erika said...

i shall be buying the Joyce book. Hope its good cause she's a new to me author.