Monday, April 17

Back from the abyss

For some odd reason I've been in somewhat of a fog for several days. I haven't read a word since last Wednesday or Thursday.

Spent a good part of Good Friday in Wal*Mart, what was I thinking?

Saturday was family day, which included a trip to Kohl's Early Bird Sale--picked up blue dress shorts for Junior. We're buying them now because we're afraid we wont be able to get them at the end of the summer--they're part of his school uniform for next fall.

My son is very skinny, he's average height for a 4 1/2, but only weighs 38 pounds. I used to worry about this, but our pediatrician reassures me that this is what they prefer to see in children. He wears a size 5 shirt, pretty normal for his age and that fits fine, but he's wearing 4 slim pants, which are too short, but baggy in the waist, even with a belt One of the pairs of shorts we picked up were 2T--the same size that a 2 year old wears, the same size he wore at two. It's impossible to dress the poor kid--he needs a 2T or 3T for the waist but a 5 in length. I'm relieved it spring, he can wear shorts everyday until next October.

At 6 o'clock Easter morning Junior discovered the Easter Bunny had come. The "Easter Bunny" brought some chocolate, but the big hit was "The Big City Engine" from the Thomas the Tank Engine collection. "How did he know I wanted it?" was the first question of the day. "I don't know, honey, I guess he's magic." We even had time for an Easter Egg hunt before heading to Mass.

We went to 7:30 Mass Easter Sunday morning, Junior was good, a little fidgetty but not bad, and considering most of the kids were horrible, that was a pretty good. My husband has the "you'd better sit still or else" look down pat. When I do it, Junior asks why am I giving him the "big eyes" and we both end up laughing. We came home for a pancake breakfast and then headed to my in-laws for Easter Sunday Dinner, and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

I was planning on making deviled eggs, but the shells stuck so badly to the colored eggs, that I gave up and am making lots of egg salad for my husband. I think the eggs were too fresh.

I made my artichoke dip instead--big hit, even the SIL from Hell liked it and she hates anything remotely related to me, including my son who she made fun of because he's so skinny--her 2 1/2 year old is wearing 4T and out weighs him by a couple of pounds, but is 4 or so inches shorter, she's a big girl, tall for her age. She's very sweet and loves to follow Junior around, which I know annoys her mother to no end--LOL. She's a cutie with a bobbed haircut and bangs and if you put big glasses on her she'd look like Marcy from the old Peanut cartoons--"Right, Sir." The SILFH doesn't get along with our MIL either, and the funny thing is the little girl looks exactly like our MIL--ah, God has a sense of humor.

I'm rambling on and on about information no one really cares about.

We're heading food shopping this morning and on the way I'm stopping at the UBS, maybe I'll find something new and exciting to read.

Have good one, and happy reading.



ames said...

"Big Eyes" LOL
I love hearing about other people's families, makes me realize I'm not the only one with some drama.

Sam said...

Oh no, love hearing about SILFH and MIL and skinny kids. Mine were all twigs, and my skinniest one Never got sick ever, lol. He's the one joining the fire department this month. Still skinny too, lol.
Your artichoke dip sounds delicious - I saw the recipe below. I'll have to try it!
Happy Easter Monday!

Megan Frampton said...


Nice to hear others have SILs from Hell, too. Mine isn't exactly from hell, but is SO INCREDIBLY CLUELESS.

I started reading Proctor's Whispers of Heaven this weekend. Liking it so far!

Tara Marie said...

Ames--It's always a relief when we realize other families have high drama moments too.

Sam--My husband was a twig as a child, so we know where he gets it from. We only had to put up with the SILFH for a couple of hours, just long enough to be annoying, but not long enough to piss anyone off.

Megan--I think every family has one--LOL. I hope the book continues to be a good one for you.

Kristie (J) said...

The stores were open on Friday????? They were all closed here.

Bookwormom said...

Hi Tara~

Glad you had a good Easter. Kids are great. All of mine still enjoy the egg hunt, even the 17 year old (who reprimanded 'the Bunny' for not hiding his basket well enough this year). LOL

As to skinny boys & pants- good luck finding clothes that fit. Both of my boys are like that & I've always struggled. When he's a bit older you might try Lands End online as they will custom hem & have a wide array of waist sizes. Also, they have a school uniform section.

Tara Marie said...

Kristie--Not only are the stores open Good Friday, they were open on Easter Sunday.

Amanda--We don't hide the basket, just the eggs that we colored, "the bunny" got up at 5:30 to make sure they were hidden before he got up. Hiding the basket isn't a bad idea.

Thanks for the info about Lands End, I'll keep that in mind. We ordered his school uniforms earlier in the month--5 slim. We can only hope that they'll come close to fitting.

CindyS said...

My friend had the opposite problem. Her boys are huge but not fat. Her youngest just dropped nine pounds though and she was really freaked out because he looked too thin. Uh, no, he looks just right! He had a growth spurt and where he was a size 8 in pants he's now back to a 6x and he's 5.

The older one, meanwhile has packed on some weight and he is the best eater (veggies, fruits etc) and does Tae kd. We're hoping he's heading for a growth spurt also.

Also, I was a twig as a kid and I think my parents caught hell because there were some serious problems with my eating (hello, anxiety?) - now I'm a 35 year old tub-bo ;)

I like hearing about other's families also and I think it's hilarious that you laugh when he asks why 'the big eyes'. That would so be me.