Friday, April 7

Whatever it's called...

Lifted this little tidbit from Kristie.

And, I'm left wondering if these houses are publishing EROTICA or EROTIC ROMANCE/ROMANTICA? It seems to me, the industry has in the past gone out of it's way to make a distinction.

Are the lines blurring or does it even matter?


Well, after perusing the May Romantic Times, I've realized the lines may well be blurring. And maybe we'll soon be calling the genre Women's Erotic Fiction, borrowed that title from the inside cover ad for the new Spice line. It seems not all these books are romances.

Also, has anyone read Emma Holly's All U Can Eat?


sandy l said...

Hasn't the term "romantica" been trademarked?

I think that the line will be drawn by the individual reader and what her own definition. I'm getting the impression that publishers are letting the readers make the distinction.

Tara Marie said...

Sandy--has it been trademarked? I've no idea.

I think readers have always drawn that line. What one might find hot another tame.

Maybe it's just easier for publishers not to make any distinction.

sybil said...

yeah it is trademarked which is just uh, odd I think

but whatever

I tend to think of romantica and erotica. And I don't think of romantica as just EC, trademark or not. But it is only suppose to be used for EC. So you have:
erotica - no HEA a must and such
romantic - erotica romance EC style
erotica romance - romantica for the rest of the books.


sybil said...

erotic romance no 'a' oops

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, I understand the "breakdown", but what surprised me was no reference to Erotic Romance or Romantica in the article, only Erotica, which is fine, but once I read some of the reviews this month in RT, not everything these new lines are putting out qualify as "romance".

Bev (BB) said...

I checked the article out and stopped after the first couple of paragraphs. Why? Because it really bothered me that they were making it sound like this new wave of erotica/erotic romance is the first time anything has ever been written by women for women.

And I'm one of the ones who normally doesn't even like to hear that tagline bandied about . . . really, I have this somewhat subversive belief that romance should be for everyone, even those poor misguided males. (VBEG)

Tara Marie said...

Ah, Beverly, your a woman after my own heart, I had a very similar reation to "Women's Erotic Fiction"--ack, only women can read it?

Jane said...

I don't know that I have alot of interest in plain erotica. While I think Emma Holly's books are well done they are not something that I am crave to read once a month. I think it is a mistake for publishers like Avon to go with a straight erotica line with no focus on a relationship or a HEA.

sybil said...


gotcha... did you get my email? If not, email me ;). hee

Tara Marie said...


I downloaded it this morning. Thanks, it was a nice surprise.


CindyS said...

Being the sick person I am ... am I the only one who thinks the title All U Can Eat was not a great pick for an erotic romance?

Just me again?


Tara Marie said...

OMG Cindy, I thought the same thing, but had decided not to comment--LOL