Monday, April 3

Not the only one and other thoughts...

Well, I'm somewhat relieved to see I am not the only person dissatisfied with The Taming of the Duke...

1. Nicole
2. Devon
3. A whole host of readers on AAR

Like Devon, I'm wondering if the last book is going to be Josie and Mayne and she [Devon] didn't like the age issue.

As long as it's not an Anna Nicole Smith thing (yuck), I don't really have an issue with age as long as the relationship feels right. In Lavyrle Spencer's Years it's the major point of conflict between Linnea and Teddy, it's 16 years. In Eloisa James' A Wild Pursuit the age difference between Beatrice and Stephen is 20+/- years, and I had no problem with that either. I think I saw somewhere that Cindy had an issue with age differences.

So, I'm wondering, in general, where other's stand on the age issue--some thoughts??

I'm reading Bonnie Vanak's The Falcon & The Dove for Angie's April TBR Challenge. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm thinking the hero might be too Alpha for me, and to be honest, I usually can handle heros bordering on Neanderthal.

So, I put myself on a book budget and I ended up picking up 1 new book and 9 used books at the UBS, I think I've already blown April's budget--LOL. I have no will power.

Have a good one and happy reading.



Nicole said...

I don't think it's Mayne and Josie. Well, I hope not. Wasn't there some mention of Mayne marrying some French woman?

The age issue never came up for me in TTOTD, I just thought the romance sucked.

Bev (BB) said...

I haven't read TTOTD so I can't comment on that but personally even a rather large (20+) age difference wouldn't bother me IF they have some interests in common. That's the key, I think, and it isn't an easy one to overcome either, but an author can make it work for me that way.

Nicole said...

Duh, age issue for the NEXT book. lol

It wasn't even that I felt discouraged about the masquerade part with Taming, it was that I just didn't feel that spark between the main characters. I'd rather have had more of the story focused on Imogen's growth. I just didn't feel she was ready for another relationship.

Kim said...

I agree with beverly.
A wide age spread isn't that much of an issue IF, and that's a big if, they have things in common.
The problem much can you have in common with someone a couple decades older or younger?
You'd be in a completely different place in life.
Difficult to do but if the author can pull it off...

Avid Reader said...

I love May/Dec romances! Just as long as there is common ground here. It's somewhat tricky to pull off a romance with a wide gap in age but it really depends on the talent of the author, IMO.

I'll have to read this book that has so many readers disappointed.


Tara Marie said...

Nicole--I agree, there wasn't much of a spark between Rafe and Imogen, there was too much time wasted with the switched identities.

Bev & Kim--They do need to have things in common.

Keishon--I love May/December romances too, when they work they're the best!

Tara Marie said...

Hey Kim, I just visited you database, it is fantastic, I'm adding it to my links.


Bookwormom said...

Tara- I don't have this one yet, but it sounds like I need to get. LOL :P

I already have at least three by EJ in the TBR already though. So we'll see.

I have a book 'budget' too. I use that word very loosely, mind you!

Megan Frampton said...

I just got TTOTD, too. I like big age gaps myself, as long as they make sense.
I've got at least one EJ to read before I tackle this one, though.

Tara Marie said...

Megan--Keishon has a great May/December blog today.

And, you need to read the EJs in order, things may get confusing.

Kim said...

Awww...thanks so much for adding me to your link.
Going to return the favor and, of course, add your blog to mine.
Hhhhmmmm...maybe I should add the writing blog of the month category.
Great ideas!

Kat O+ said...

The age gap doesn't normally bother me unless it stares me in the face as I read the book. This is one of those details that I just "reinterpret" in my head as I imagine the characters. The key issue for me between Mayne and Josie is the fact that they knew each other while she was still very young. So their relationship for me has kind of paternal overtones. So it really will come down to how it's written. I do hope it's good because Mayne deserves a bit of peace and Josie was just so much fun in the other books.