Saturday, April 29

A couple of reviews and 3 more for the TBR pile

Duke of Scandal by Adele Ashworth

Lady Olivia Shea has been left a bride in name only, by her brand new husband, Edmund Carlisle, who takes her inheritance and runs, leaving her to pick up the pieces and try to continue running her Paris perfume empire. She wants her money back and heads to London to confront the cad, only the cad she confronts is his twin brother, Samson Carlisle, The Duke of Durham.

They join forces to catch his brother. Through all sorts of twists and turns, Livi and Sam discover she's the victim of an elaborate con. With a backdrop of Victorian Frances perfume industry Ms. Ashworth avoids Eloisa James' pitfalls of overwhelming the reader with peripheral information.

The tension between Livi and Sam is great, the story gradually builds and is very entertaining, yet there is some inconsistencies in the character development of Sam that I found a little frustrating when past relationships come to light toward the end of the book. But, this may be nit picking on my part.

Overall, this is a good and well paced read. Better than just "good" but not quite "very good" or a keeper, but definitely worth reading.

The Marcelli Bride by Susan Mallery

There is nothing more annoying than picking up a series 4 books in, that's what I get for not reading the entire blurb before buying.

First-daughter, Darcy Jensen, is in need of protection, she has been kidnapped once, by mistake the kidnappers wanted her "perfect" sister Lauren. Joe Larson's needs to lay low for a while if he wants to save his naval career and has been approached to help protect the President's daughter. At this point he has no choice, and a large Secret Service team sets up shop on his families vineyard and winery.

Since I haven't read the first 3 books in this series, I don't know Joe Larson is actually Joe Marcelli, a son given up for adoption when his parents were still in high school, pressure from their families pushed them to give him up, and the family spends 30 years regretting this mistake. His parents get married and then go on to have 4 daughters.

Interesting family dynamics on both sides drive this book, but I find the plot set up unbelievable and that colors much of what I read. How likely is it that the Secret Service is going to hide the President's daughter in the middle of a working vineyard and winery.

Don't get me wrong, the writing is very good, the book completely stands alone and even though we see all the sisters at one time or another, I don't have an overwhelming urge to go back and read the other books. I probably will because the characters are interesting, not because I feel this book left any backstory untold, which is very good on Ms. Mallery's part.

A good, fairly fast paced story. If you can suspend belief when it comes to the plot set up, you'll probably like it.

Though I swore I wouldn't be buying much this month, I've added 3 more books to my TBR pile:

His Wicked Kiss and The Bachelor Trap are because I have absolutely no willpower and bought them. And, Ride The Fire showed up in the mail from Paperback Swap, thanks AngieW.

Have a good one, maybe I'll get back on sometime tomorrow.

Happy reading,



Kristie (J) said...

I did not know that you hadn't read Ride the Fire! - Oooh are you in for a treat!!!
And after that, I have a movie for you to watch........

sybil said...

YAY I hope you don't like them and don't keep them.


kidding... sort of ;)

Ride the Fire is great. Like that one and keep it (yeah I don't need it ;) ) god I suck.

ames said...

I'm currently reading the Bachelor Trap. It's okay so far. Not what I was expecting from this author however. I'd like to know what you think too. doxccixg

Anne E. said...

My TBR mountain is taking over my bedroom. My son did an analysis of my last bank statement and gave me the figure of what I had spent on books in one month, and I almost swooned! Since I am retiring in late December/early January, I need to start revamping my buying habits NOW! Son put me on a budget that includes a generous "allowance," but in addition to books, the allowance is also for DVDs, CDs, movie and theatre tickets, clothing, and other personal items (this so I can pay off my credit cards and buy some things for the house and yard). Bottom line: no more books for a while, unless it is to finish a series where I have already read the other books. To be totally candid, I probably have enough books in the TBR pile to last me a year.

Anne E. said...

Oh, and by the way, "Ride the Fire" is in my TBR pile as well...

Tara Marie said...

Kristie, It's been on my trade wish list for a while, I was about to breakdown and buy it when Angie sent it. And, LOTM :D it's already a favorite, I can't tell you how many times I've watched it. I need to get it on DVD, my video is about worn.

Sybil, I'm half way through His Wicked Kiss and it may end up a keeper--sorry ;)

Ames, I'm annoyed, I just realized The Bachelor Trap is a second in a series.

Anne, My book budget is completely out of control, so I feel your pain--LOL. :D

sybil said...

tra la la

LOL the AAR review sounds good though!