Thursday, April 6

That Fine Line...

Earlier in the week I finished Bonnie Vanak's The Falcon & The Dove, which was on my TBR pile for a good 6 months and qualified for Angie's April TBR challenge. The hero starts out with the beating of his chest, me Tarzan, you Jane. Not really, but there was a whole lot of manhood oaths, and reminders that women are meant to serve men and breed children. It got old quick. Eventually he settles down from a Neanderthal to a normal alpha.

So that got me thinking,

Where is the line between Alpha Male and Neanderthal?

Each of us have a different tolerance level. For me it depends on the book.

I'm now reading Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other. Another extreme alpha, only this time, it's completely expected. He's the werewolf "leader of the Lykae Clan", what else would he be but an alpha. At this point the werewolf in AHLNO makes the Khamsin Sheikh in TF&TD look rather beta, which I didn't think was possible. And yet, it fits the character and I'm thoroughly enjoying the book.

I'm wondering...

What's your alpha tolerance level?

I like alphas, their big, strong and physically protect. I like to think alpha heros require alpha heroines. Two strong characters make for interesting conflict. I married one. On occasion he tries to get Neanderthal and needs to be reminded that it's the 21st century, and that's okay, I'm strong enough to do it.

Have a good one and happy reading.



sybil said...

Did you see this?

Angela James said...

I love an alpha male. I probably have a higher tolerance for them than most readers. Maybe it's leftover from being married to a total pussy ;)

And I enjoyed A Hunger Like No Other, although at the beginning, I thought I was going to hate the hero. The author showed a natural progression of character growth for both of them. I like that.

erika said...

I *love* the alpha male and I have a very high tolerence level towards them. I really hate the toned down heroes in todays romances. I find them bland.

AHLNO- loved the alpha male hero. Also liked that he didn't stay in that psycho mode he was in the early part of the book.

Kim said...

I SO agree that alpha heros need alpha heroines.
That is one of my pet peeves.
You get this smart, strong, powerful hero.
Then the author pairs him with some little girl who can't even tie her own shoelaces.
Come on.
He'd be bored with her by breakfast!

Tara Marie said...

Sybil--thanks for the link, how much pissed off mail/emails do you think she got?

Angie & Erika--I have a high alpha male tolerance too. I can't say how many times, I've heard "alpha jerk" and thought--ooo I loved him.

You're both right there was such a great progression and development of his character.

Kim--Bored to tears, exactly right.

Sam said...

I like alphas as long as he's doing his own thing and not making decisions for the heroine.
I haven't read very many books where I was throwing it against the wall because the hero was too alpha - it's when the heroine is a spineless door mat that the book goes 'Whoosh!'

Tara Marie said...

OMG, Sam, I so agree with: it's when the heroine is a spineless door mat that the book goes 'Whoosh!' :D

Jay said...

I like alphas too, but I can't abide the "women are meant to serve men" mentality. At all. Not even a little. The barest hint of that and the book gets thrown.

I like the protectiveness of alphas. And the hardheadedness. Even though I find it frustrating IRL.