Wednesday, April 19

Out of the Loop

Obviously the blog look is different, I took on the project because I'm in one huge reading slump.

As I type this I've got bookmarks in 3 different books:

  1. The Burning by Susan Squires--I've still not finished this one, put it aside figuring to pick it back up soon, but have had no interest in finishing.
  2. The Outrageous Debutante by Anne O'Brien--a Harlequin Historical written by British author. This is the 2nd Regency period historical I've read this month written by a British author, it seems that just about every book in this period I pick up is written by an American. I'm noticing differences in language and description--interesting.
  3. Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson--I have not read a Lisa Jackson book in years. I ran into the UBS yesterday and the clerk "HIGHLY" recommended this one. We'll see.

Normally, I read quick and finish one book before starting another. A paranormal, a historical and a romantic suspense, one of them should be able to hold my attention long enough to finish.

I've been through the May Romantic Times 3 times. Nothing looks remotely interesting. I know the problem is me.

Any recommendations??

A little off the topic, but my brain kind of works that way...

Has everyone already checked out Karen's discussion about cursing. It's a good one.

I don't really curse, it was one of those "do as I say, not as I do" things we hear growing up. When I was little my mother cursed like a trucker, but when I told my sister "f*** you" when I was 4, she cleaned up her mouth. Once in a while she'll let something fly when she's really mad.

When it comes to cursing in a book, I expect it to fit the character and storyline. I don't expect "f*** you" out of the mouth of a debutante, but I do out of the mouth of a man on a construction site. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Have a good one and happy reading.



Wendy said...

I'm in the same boat you are. I finished The Burning earlier this month - and liked it, but admittedly it was a slow read. Before that? I have to go back to the first week in March when I last read a "good" book - The Roofer by Erica Orloff, which incidently I wouldn't classify anywhere near a romance.

Seriously, I'm starting to lose my mind. I'm enjoying the latest Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot, although that's YA. And I'm currently trying to give a damn about Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward. Just got to get past those totally dopey names....

Tara Marie said...


The flashbacks in The Burning are killing me. Normally, I love Susan Squires writing style, but this one's work.

The Roofer looks very good, it's a thought. And, I like Meg Cabot, et al, maybe I should try some of her YA books.

sandy l said...

I'm with you. There just isn't anything out there that appeals to me. Next month doesn't look any better. Fortunately, June and July looks good. But I will miss having an In Death book to read in July.

Alyssa said...

I like your new template. It looks wonderful!

Jay said...

Wow your template looks really good. Did you do it by yourself?

My mom pretty much never curses yet I distinctly remember being in 2nd grading and thinking it was time for me to start cursing. I think I started with damn and hell lol. Now I curse all the time, except around her.

Personally, I'd rather have cursing in my books than things like, "Jake muttered a word strong enough to make flowers wilt," because I'm always left wondering what he could have said. Isn't Fuck pretty much the be all end all of cursing? Considering a day doesnt go by (well maybe 3 days) that I don't say that, I'm always stumped to come up with something really bad.

Jay said...

Grade! not grading! So much for proofreading!

Suisan said...

Aw sweet Jay, If you want some truly nasty cursing, you need to branch beyond the single words.

To learn how, first go run with a curcus for about eight months, then hook up with a guy working in four star restaurant kitchens. There's no cursing like chef cursing.

I don't want to wilt any flowers, but there's a lot of threats of jamming various sharp objects up various orifices. And then the chef comes gliding out of the kitchen, all smiles, to ask his devoted patrons if the sauce was to their liking.

Tara Marie said...

Sandy--Fits and starts thats what this month has been like. I hope your right and June and July are better.

Alyssa and Jay--Thank you. There is no way I could have done this, I adapted a "Caz" template, there's a link below.

"Jake muttered a word strong enough to make flowers wilt,"--LOL. There's only one person who can make me mad enough to us the F word--the darling hubby.

Tara Marie said...


...threats of jamming various sharp objects up various orifices. Oooo, sounds incredibly painful, I guess it supposed to.

Jay said...

True Suisan, but isn't "the F word" worked in there somewhere? The only thing I can think of worse than F is C.

Tara Marie said...

Jay--not, Suisan, but I agree C is much worse than F.

sybil said...

lol I don't think C or F is all that bad but well, you know me

Love the look! Go you with your badself figuring it all out. bes impressed...

CindyS said...

Watch an episode or 10 of Deadwood and swearing will seem like another language.

Right now cocksucker seems to be my word of the month and it is normally in driving situations. Oh and dumbass but c'mon that's from That 70's Show.

I wish I could suggest something because I have witnessed your reading speed (oh the things I could do with that super power) but, I got nothing. I'm enjoying The Duke by Gaelen Foley right now.


Megan Frampton said...

I like the new look, very readable.

No suggestions for books, I'm reading mostly meh stuff these days. Fun, but not memorable.

ReneeW said...

My son was about 4 when he decided to try out cursing in front of his Dad and the neighbors. He was marched quickly to the house for a taste of the bar of soap. He never did it again (at least in front of us). I agree with Jay, I don't like allusions to swearing, give me the real thing, I can handle it without collapsing in a faint.

I have been reading some oldies off of my TBR so I'm glad there is nothing new out now that I'm dying to read.