Saturday, April 1

Odd thoughts from the day...

Well, it's 8:00 Saturday night, my husband and son are both asleep. Junior's usually asleep by now, but my husband has a cold and took NyQil. I guess he's out for the night, and I'm getting some quiet blogging time. How nice is that?

Bev's got her Reader Network up and running. It's an ambitious undertaking, and should be fun to watch as it gets going. Right now the forum section is up and running. Her question for introducing ourselves is to pick our favorite romance. This usually has me high tailing it in the opposite direction, but today I decided to actually answer that deep question.

All my contemplations brought me to Lavyrle Spencer's Years. I realized if I think about it I can probably describe just about every scene from start to finish, and can visualize the entire book in my head. This so needs a re-read. I'll be pulling it out tonight.

So all that thinking about favorites, got me wondering about what makes this book stand out more than others. I don't do much visualization while I'm reading a book. I think that's why so many of the Regency period books all seem to blend together. If the author doesn't suck me into her world I'm not likely to visualize what's going on. I don't sit and imagine what the hero and heroine look like, I don't even really pay that much attention to those details. But the books that stay with me are the ones I have a clear vision of scenes in my head, like watching a movie. I'm wondering how involved others get with what they're reading.

While wandering through Wal*Mart today I told my husband I wanted to look for chocolate molds for my son's Easter Party at school. I wanted a cross, lambs (his school is ... Little Lambs), eggs, bunnies etc. He gives me a look and asks "Why can't you just buy a couple of 1.99 bags of candy, who are you June Cleaver?"

"Yes, dammit, I'm a cross between June Cleaver and Martha Stewart and if you don't like it too bad." Not really, I don't vacuum the house in heels and pearls and I don't expect I'll get caught insider trading. But, I'm home full time with one child, it's not like I'm dealing with a house full, I can handle some nice extras. And, when I entertain I like it to be special--is that so horrible??

So, back to Wal*Mart, I managed to go into that store without visiting the book section. I'm putting myself back on a book budget, my B&N gift cards are gone and my birthday isn't until December. Maybe someone will take pity on me and give me one for our wedding anniversary, it's in May. I'll have to drop some hints.

We got engaged 24 years ago today--yes, April Fools Day, the same day my hubby shattered his right knee cap playing softball, it's a wonder that we actually made it to the alter--LOL.

Now I'm just rambling, have a good one and happy reading.



Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Tara:

Got to your blog in kinda a convoluted way, but glad I did. Love your books read to date list. L'd OL cause I so agree with you on so many of your "ratings."

I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Michelle, thank you for your kind words.

I lurked over on Romance by the Blog the other day. Being a Eloisa James fangirl I somehow ended up there and read her guest blog. This morning I saw your question about ethnic romances...


CindyS said...

Good for you!

I'm the opposite. I really try for the Martha Stewart/luxury elegant look and end up with a hodgepodge of crap. My Aunt Nora and I are constantly laughing over our creations.

I'm a great starter, a horrible finisher.

Years by Lavryle Spencer was an exceptional book. Even I had trouble with the age difference and I like older men. I'm not sure what it is about that book. What about Morning Glory? Now that is the book I used to re-read all the time.


Sam said...

Funny about the hubby and the kneecap, lol.
Mine had his elbow shattered the day I met him.