Monday, April 10

Mrs. Fullcharge strikes again...

We had my family for Palm Sunday as we wont be seeing them next week for Easter. Now, having my mother is always interesting.

My Mom is Mrs. Fullcharge, I have a tendency to get this from her, but hey, I learned at the knee of a master. Before she comes she tells you what she's bringing instead of asking what she can bring, I'm okay with this, she's the best cook I know. Usually she tells everyone else what to bring too, leaving no decision making for the hostess. Sunday she brought homemade biscotti, wine and Canterbury cookies (also homemade).
  1. "I like how you rearranged the living room, it looks much better than before."
  2. "This lace tablecloth is beautiful."
  3. "I love this artichoke dip, I need the recipe."
  4. "You should have made homemade salad dressing."
  5. "I don't like your hair that length, you should cut it in a short bob."

Oh, well, not bad, 3 out of 5. I put out olive oil and balsamic vinegar, that made her happy. And, I explained 1. I like my hair longer, because it makes it easier to put up, and 2. I'd like to grow it long enough to donate. That made it okay. My sister on the other hand tells me I should let my gray come in and grow it really long and wear it in a long braid--what the hell am I, an aging hippie? I'm only 42. I told her to let her's grow, if she cuts her's any shorter, she'll be looking like Demi Moore in GI Jane.

Oh, the joys of family--I wouldn't have it any other way.



Megan Frampton said...

Heh, heh.

My MIL just came to visit and cleaned my entire apartment.

She's a bit too scared of me to comment on things unless she thinks I agree with her, but then she goes to town.

I like your use of large font, too, natch. And can you share the artichoke dip recipe? I love artichoke dip.

Oh, and one more thing--my husband donated his hair, do you know it has to be over 10"? That was a lot of hair (his was down to his waist).

Tara Marie said...

Megan, Moms are different from MILs, they raised us and seem to have no problem commenting on anything and everything.

Large fonts, I picked that up from someone, hmmm, who could that have been? :D

I love really short and reallylong hair on men, nothing in between. I'm impressed he donated it, I know it needs to be 10 inches, mine is about 6 right now.

CindyS said...

Mothers. Ouch.

Actually, I am a bit of a peace maker so I tend to be the one who will say, here is what I am bringing so that you have no choice. By doing this I opened the door for my family to bring something for all meals including to my house. Before that, everyone would show up with enough snacks to feed a small army and now, I'm the size of a small army.

The last time I had my family over we did a BBQ and for the first time I decided to buy no snack food because I *knew* everyone was going to show up with it. Sure enough they did and I told them I appreciated it because I didn't buy anything. I think people like to bring something to help although there are times when you just want to show up and be waited on ;)

My mother thinks
A. I lead a charmed life - I do but the first time she said it she was a wee bit drunk and some of her jealousy flowed through.

B. That my hair color is never right - now it's too yellow.

C. My weight - 'nuff said.

The good news is that I figure if she can dish, she can take so I have told her

A. She better not end up in the hospital because I will come in and pull all plugs even if she's not on life support.

B. She's living with my brother if she ever needs someone to take care of her.

Like I have said before, I know she wonders where the hell I came from and why God is punishing her but now at least we can both laugh at ourselves. Sometimes it just takes getting her into the wine to make her pleasant ;)

CindyS (blog hogging again)