Friday, April 21

A couple of good books...

Maybe I'm out of my reading rut. Besides finishing Victoria Bylin's Of Men and Angels I've read 2 more books in the last day or so.

I never quite know what to expect when I read an Ellora's Cave. I know it will be fairly short (150 pages +/-) and will most likely be HOT, which of course is the reason you read an Ellora's Cave in the first place. I was pleasantly surprised by Lisa Marie Rice's Midnight Man. This is the first book I've read by LMR and her writing style and characters reminded me of Linda Howard. John, our hero, is Alpha in the extreme, and Suzanne, our heroine, is a damsel in distress. I'll definitely be trying the rest of her backlist.

Lady X's Cowboy by Zoe Archer was a fun read. The back blurb starts with East End Meets Wild West, and that's a perfect description. Lady Olivia Xavier (Lady X) is an industrious English Lady and Will (the Cowboy) is a Colorado Cowboy who comes to London in search of his roots, his parents died when he was very young and he has no memory of them. Lady Olivia has a business rival trying to drive her out of business and Will comes to her rescue and helps her fight the evil villain. Wendy mentioned in the comments the other day that Will's dialogue is filled with cowboy cliches, but Lady Olivia completely makes up for this huge flaw, she's a great heroine--strong and smart.

Two more good books for this month list.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


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sybil said...

LOVE the Midnight books! You must look for more!

And of course Wendy was right, I trust her on all things western! I should find this and read it someday :). oddly enough I think it is on the shelf where it belongs under "a".