Sunday, April 30

Something Spectacular

I'm starting Pamela Clare's Ride the Fire tonight. I'm really hoping this one lives up to the hype ***big grin for Kristie***. Gaelen Foley's His Wicked Kiss is fast falling apart, and I'm not even sure I'm going to finish it. I must have jinxed it after telling Sybil it may be a keeper, I guess that's what I get for jumping the gun. Since reading The Duke I haven't really been impressed with any of the books in this series.

Are we going through a dry spell of boring new books? Is it me? I want something spectacular, exciting, different, new--is that asking too much?

My DNF for the month:
  1. Moon's Web--Adam & Camp
  2. Let It Be Love--Victoria Alexander
  3. The Outrageous Debutante--Anne O'Brien
  4. Puritan Bride--Anne O'Brien
  5. Deep Freeze--Lisa Jackson
  6. Lola Carlyle Reveals All--Rachel Gibson
  7. The Burning--Susan Squire
  8. Playing For Keeps--Karen Templton
  9. Lord of Sin--Madeline Hunter
  10. His Wicked Kiss--Gaelen Foley

I didn't list them on my sidebar because I know all of these can't be duds, it's me. I've got to stop whinning about it, maybe I need a break from romance.

Have a good one, and happy reading.



sybil said...

hmmmm part of me is sad you didn't enjoy HWK

Part that other part... not so sad

LOL I am sure I will love it but the one book I haven't really liked in this series was The Duke, so what do I know ;).

Maybe you should reread a few old faves than try some of these again?

Kristie (J) said...

I don't think it's you - it's the books. I haven't read all your DNF's but of the ones you named that I did read - I agree with you.

Let it be Love (while I didn't read this one I had 3 DNF by Alexander's in a row and don't read her at all anymore)
Lola Carlyle Reveals All - while I managed to finish it, I didn't like it at all
Playing For Keeps - DNF
Lord of Sin - DNF
His Wicked Kiss - I'm reading this one now, but haven't reached the fall apart stage yet.

I will finish and love the book you are reading :)

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, on some level I'm sure it's just a rut and I probably will try some oldies but goodies. I'll go back to HWK after Ride the Fire, maybe Foley pulls it back together but I'm sure it's worth finishing.

I'm not an Alexander fan, so I'm not sure why I wasted my money on buying it new.

Lola seemed to be floundering out at sea and going no where and was leaving me rather bored, which surprised me because even if I don't love Gibson, I'm usually at least some what entertained.

I like Karen Templeton's writing style and I love athlete hero books, thats why I was surprised by Playing for Keeps didn't work for me.

Loved Lady of Sin and thought I was missing something by not reading Lord of Sin, I probably wont go back to that one.

I'm 110 pages into Ride the Fire, so far so good :D

Kristie (J) said...

Well - if you noticed my side bar, I'm reading right along with you - although your further along than me since I've got 2 on the go.

Sam said...

I just got some books by Rosemary Laurey and I'm loving them. (Vampires no less)
I met Sherrilyn Kenyon (I have never read her books, but after talking to her and hearing her describe them, I am off to get some! She also gave me a handbook that whet my appetite.)
Yuor list looks interesting. I just ordered a Lisa Jackson book in the mail to put on my TBR pile. She's hit and miss with me, but this one looked good and I'm a sucker for suspense. When she's good she's very very good!

Valeen said...

Madeline Hunter's Lord of Sin

**HUGE groan**

I think that was my worst read of 2005.

Lola Reveals All wasn't the best work of Rachel Gibson ... I usually really enjoy her so its a good thing that Lola wasn't the first book I read of her or I wouldn't have went back.

Holly said...

OH, shoot! I just got HWK and was really looking forward to reading it. But I agree with you about all the other DNF's you listed, so I'm sure you're right. Dang.

Thanks for the heads up.