Thursday, April 13

The Burning and a few other books

I actually started this blog last night, but decided I'd rather start reading it, instead of telling everyone I'd gotten it. So, curled up in bed expecting a good night of reading and promptly fell asleep.

Woke up around 2 and started reading again. I'm half finished and not thrilled. This book is about the sexual side of being a vampire and how to harness sexual power, I'd rather have the blood, gore and horror of it instead.

I've updated my sidebar to include all the books I've finished in the last few days. I've been on a mini binge, of different books.

  1. Nicola Cornick's The Rake's Mistress, which was a pretty good HH with a Regency spy thing going on. I know, what the heck, one more, in a slew of them, but it really was pretty good.
  2. My Sunshine by Catherine Anderson, which I didn't get finished in time for a bookclub meeting, but it probably was just as well. This might sound insensitive, but I always hated those tragic "movie of the weeks" that were so popular in years past. You know the ones that are now found on Lifetime Movies. I know they have a huge following, but I'm not one of them. Sweet characters, nicely written, a plot that moves, but I hate crying through a book, even one that ends HEA.
  3. Bonnie Vanak's The Tiger & The Tomb, 1893 Egypt, that makes it worth reading. It was an entertaining adventure story. The hero is an alpha, but not as bad as The Falcon & The Dove.
  4. I'm whispering this one...Linda Howard's Sarah's Child...

And, guess what, the darned thing still worked for me, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I read LH's letter in the front of the book:

"...In the process of learning about grief and how it can affect you, a germ of an idea was born...

This is Rome Matthew's story; he's the center of the book, because he's the man who lost his entire family...Rome is a man of strong character, a man who is trying to deal with his pain and a man who finds the strength to love again."

For some reason this kept the book in perspective for me. He's overbearing, obnoxious and self-centered. Are these behaviors caused by his grief? I think this is the crux of the book, if you don't buy into how he's handling (or not handling) his grief, you're not going to like the book. The scene at the end of the book when he's on his knees with Missy and realizes what he asked Sarah to do still got to me.

And, I know none of that makes sense considering "I hate to cry through a book, even one that ends HEA."

Have a good one and happy reading.



Bev (BB) said...

This book is about the sexual side of being a vampire and how to harness sexual power, I'd rather have the blood, gore and horror of it instead.

For some strange reason, this struck me as totally hilarious. Maybe because I knew you meant it? Anyway, thanks for the laugh. ;)

Tara Marie said...

Hey Bev, it is rather odd. The worse part--it's not even between the hero and heroine, we're getting flashbacks to sex/power lessons, really I'd rather see horror, than all this controlled sex.

Avid Reader said...

Tara, no need to whisper. We all have different tastes in books. If you love Sarah's Child, nothing wrong with that at all. I thought Rome a jerk and even with the letter by Ms. Howard on the front, I still thought him a jerk. :-)

Different strokes, all that, makes the reading world more interesting.


Karen Scott said...

Don't worry, you're not alone in liking Sarah's Child. I loved it actually, and I only read it about 5 months ago!

Tara Marie said...

Keishon and Karen, I'm relieved that someone I else liked it--LOL. So many of the people whose opinion I normally agree with HATE it.

erika said...

I still love Sarah's Child. The plot is still so vividly memorable.
Unfortunately, after my last reread of All that Glitters, I disliked it and the hero which astonished me greatly because of my high tolerance for uber alpha heroes.